Have A Tension Headache? Massage Can Help!

Stress of course is the #1 cause of tension headaches, along with lack of sleep. Stress causes our muscles to be in constant contraction. We see it all the time. Shoulders up to ears, neck forward, fists clenched. The constant contraction of muscles in the upper back, neck and shoulders is what leads to tension headaches.

Right beneath the base of your skull, called the occiput, is where most tension headaches derive from. A lot of nerves come up from the spine and connect to this area.  

Massage in the occipital region, the front and sides of your neck and your shoulders can help tremendously in relieving those headaches. Massage helps get your muscles to that relaxed state that they've been needing for quite a while now!

Want to know how to prevent future tension headaches/migraines? Be proactive and receive massage on a regular basis.

We recommend getting regular chiropractic adjustments, as well.