Awesome Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

We talked with our very own, Dr. Kevy Smith Minogue, chiropractor, about how massage has helped her throughout her pregnancy. She is currently 8 months along and has been regularly receiving massage from our team of massage therapists. She raves about how much massage and chiropractic adjustments have helped her throughout her pregnancy.

Here's what she had to say: 

"Pregnancy definitely comes with a whole variety of aches and pains, from changes in sleep habits, to obvious weight gain, and eventually joint instability, particularly in the hips and low back. And massage [and chiropractic] has helped me manage all of these and allowed me to stay active."

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We're so glad we've been able to help her with these issues and we'd love to help other women. as well!

If you're pregnant and struggling to get comfortable while sleeping, having hip and low back pain, joint problems, swelling, etc., give massage therapy a try! If not for all of the physical benefits, think of it as an hour of pure bliss and relaxation while lying on your STOMACH on our amazing pregnancy pillow!