Benefits Of Massage For The Postpartum Mom

Your baby is finally here! You did it! You can't stop looking at that precious little face and you can't imagine what life would be like without them.

Let's be honest for a moment, though. Your mind and body are still in recovery. Hormones are all over the place, you're lacking in sleep and you are still trying to adjust to your new normal.

>>> Now is not the time to neglect yourself. You still have to remember to put yourself first in order to take care of others.


Massage can help:

  • Reduce swelling. Many mothers find that their body swells during labor. Massaging can help to redistribute water within the body and encourage the draining and circulation of excess fluids.
  • Improve milk production. For moms seeking an increase in their breast milk supply, massage can be a great way to increase circulation.
  • Regulate hormones. The postpartum body is one of constantly fluctuating hormones. In addition to touch, many massages involve the use of essential oils that may help elevate one’s mood and may encourage hormonal balance. Ask your therapist about upgrading to an aromatherapy session. You can't go wrong with lavender!
  • Reduce anxiety and depression. Many new moms experience the “baby blues” or even postpartum depression. Getting a massage can help to decrease stress contributing to these anxious and depressed feelings.
  • Encourage better sleep. Everyone knows new moms need as much sleep as they can get! Massage can help moms relax and get their body ready for deep, restorative sleep.