• How Aromatherapy Enhances Your Massage Experience
    Why do you want aromatherapy as part of your massage? Quite simply, it enhances the work your massage therapist is doing. As your therapist manually brings blood into undernourished muscles Read more
  • Why Aromatherapy
    First, let's talk about what it is. Aromatherapy uses the natural oils existing in plants (barks, stems, flowers, etc.) and extracts them into an extremely concentrated form called "essential oils". Read more
  • Gift Certificate for Mother's Day
    Honor your mother with a gift certificate from Saratoga Sports Massage. We offer the convenience of on-line shopping with the ability to either print or email the gift certificate to Read more
  • Valentine's Day Gift Certificate
    Don't let the 12 plus inches of new snow keep you from getting the perfect Valentine's Gift for your loved one. Go online and purchase a gift certificate from Saratoga Read more
  • Baby it's cold outside
    Massage gift certificates are a wonderful gift for everyone on your list. Saratoga Sports Massage has the added convenience of giving you the ability to order online and print or Read more